Sunday, September 27, 2009

Do You Know Who I Am?

Just a quickie. Reading the headlines only and I am struck by these two - paraphrasing here, Michael Jackson died heavily in debt, this was followed by, Michael Jackson's estate will pay his mother and children $1 million a year for living expenses. How can that be? Where will the money come from? Will that million be paid out before the debts are paid? Didn't think that could happen. I don't live in that world I guess. You know. The world where the law and rules are tossed aside. I'm in that world where when you say, "Do you know who I am?", the answer is a resounding, "NOBODY".

I remember a long time ago I was late filing my taxes. Not too late but late. I owed about a thousand dollars. I was fined more than I owed. My name was not Geithner or Rangel. I was just me. I know that my father died and his meager estate had to pay all debts before any distribution could be made. The taxes on that estate by the way, onerous and burdensome, had to be paid first and then the rest of the bills. His name was not Michael Jackson or Ted Kennedy.

I figure that we, the little nobodies of the world, we work and earn and are taxed and fined and triple fined so that they, the bigshots everyone knows, can grab and cheat and let slide and live large and ride the big ride. I guess that's the world as it's been from the beginning of time. I find it amusing that those bigshots want to redistribute the wealth. Not theirs of course. I figure they want to find a way to get even more of what little they have left us and redistribute it to themselves. Oh Yeah. I know who they are.

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Sara said...

Couldn't have said it better myself!