Thursday, December 18, 2008

How Embarrassing

Reading about Bernie Madoff and how he is responsible for the “off” season in Palm Beach. The gala events are less gala because of the losses people suffered with his investment plan scheme. But even worse than that, they are embarrassed. Think of that. Embarrassed. I guess trusting a friend with your bazillions of dollars and finding that that friend is not trustworthy can be embarrassing. Imagine how “embarrassed” they will be when they wake up and find that all those politicians they support, beginning with the big O, are lying to them. Imagine how “embarrassed” they will be when they finally open their eyes and find that there actually are scientists out there who don’t back the Goricle’s screed about Mother Earth being doomed if we all continue to exhale. Imagine how “embarrassed” they will be when they find out that there really are “terrorists” and they really are of the Muslim belief and they really, really don’t like us. Imagine how “embarrassed” they will be when they find that the big O and his team, those people they put in office and support so fully, really will be right there, next in line to Bernie as their remaining funds are pulled out of their accounts so that the “wealth can be spread”. I can’t imagine how “embarrassing” that can be. Can you?

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