Saturday, June 28, 2008

That's a Great Idea! Let's Study It

There is a difference between posting directly to Blogger and doing this Word document which will be hashed and rehashed and finally copied and pasted when it’s ready. Somehow, I feel more creative when I am writing direct to the blog. This version makes me self-conscious. The direct route eliminates the “has to be perfect since you can take your time with it” agony. Direct is – wham – spell check – post it. What could be better?

Random thoughts:

Just listened to J. Vernon McGee as he is taking us on the Bible Bus through the Book of Job. He is saying that although Job is a truly righteous man, he is still a man and as such is a sinner. Job’s sin is the sin of pride. He is almost boasting in the proclamation of his righteousness. We know God felt that Job was righteous since that’s how the whole ordeal started. “Look at My servant Job.” And Satan did. There you go. But as the ordeal plays out, Satan was right but wrong. Job does fall victim to the sin of pride and as C.S. Lewis said, that’s the big one Elizabeth. Maybe he didn’t quite say that but you know what I mean. I have to say that J. Vernon always hits the nail on the head. I was always so puzzled about Job. Why, if he is such a righteous man, and he was, did he suffer so? That pride thing was hidden way underneath and had to come to the surface in order to be fixed. I’m not through with that lesson yet…the Bible Bus is still rolling on but thought I would expound on my latest epiphany. This Job thing makes so much more sense now.

As I often do, as I become mired in epiphany, I must search for more sides to the story. I was googling the Job issue and came upon an analysis by Robert Sutherland. The introduction to Mr. Sutherland is that, among other things he is a Senior Fellow at the Mortimer J. Adler Centre for the Study of Great Ideas. Does anyone else find that wildly amusing? Doesn’t it sound to you as if a group of 10 year olds got together and came up with that name? They tossed around a few before zeroing in on that “Study of Great Ideas” part don’t you think? I know these places are “think tanks” and are filled with gigantic brains and those brains think thoughts so wide and deep that I get the bends thinking about how deep they go. I go back to the name of that center and can’t help but think that Rocket J Squirrel is on the Board of Directors along with Mr. Peabody. I hope that I hear the “Great Idea” before I am told where it was studied. Then I might not be taken with the laughing fit and I will actually hear it.



craziequeen said...

Is it possible to actually take that name seriously.....?

Michele sent me here to have a giggle at the silly name.....

It reminds me of the Monty Python sketch 'Ministry of Silly Walks'



colleen said...

I get more nervous typing directly into the post box that doing it ahead of time.

I don't know much about the Bible other than the stuff I remember from when I was a kid. Michele?