Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Save the Planet?

Just read on a blog that they were disabling their ice-maker because it uses so much energy and that is soooo green. Have to ask. How does using less energy in my house bring more energy to those third world countries that have none? (I guess my next question might be, shouldn’t we be trying to help those countries raise themselves up instead of rushing to join them in poverty and lack of comforts?) How does my lack of an icemaker help reduce the temperature of the planet? Will fewer ice cubes here increase the life of the planet by one breath? Isn’t God in charge of all of this? I read somewhere, oh yeah, the Bible that we are unable to add one minute to our lives. Is it different for the planet?

It just all fits in with the Communist Code or is it the Mother Earth Code or the Goricle's Code. Don’t try to work to get what your neighbor has, take it away from him and make him as miserable as you are… that’s fair and balanced.

I know, there are no Communists in existence and if there were they would be swell and self sacrificial and not at all like Stalin or Marx or Castro or Chavez or -- I forgot. They were/are all swell and remarkable if I am reading the papers correctly. Sorry don't read the papers anymore.

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Joyful Days said...

Oh, I am sooooooooooo tired of hearing celebrities telling me to "be green!" If they will give up their jetting back and forth to movie locations and opening nights and award shows, if they will live in the same size house as I do, then we will maybe discuss me unplugging the coffee maker or taking away the night lights in the house.

Maybe when they decorate with early american garage sale, I will try to buy an eco-friendly piece of furniture.

I'm envious of your ice maker by the way, but you just keep it active, 'coz one of these days we'll need ice for drinks & snacks (with 0 calories of course!!) when we get together.