Thursday, June 05, 2008

Ray of Hope

What a ray of hope to read that neither Mugabe nor Ahmadinejad were included in the UN Summit Dinner held in Italy. Equally hopeful is the number of demonstrators protesting the Iranian madness and the sanity that seems to have made a return to public discussion. It seems that men of substance are blaming Mugabe for the horrors in Zimbabwe. Well at least they are blaming him for the hunger there. Mugabe, as he has done in the past, blames Bush (why not) and Blair. This time the press actually printed the blame Mugabe story first and his dribblings as an after thought. Funny isn’t it? Perhaps that sanity has always been there and it just was not part of the press’s party line. Why quote men of character and good sense when there are tyrants and dictators to prop up. The press and our vocal politicians have never met a socialist/communist they didn’t love. Push the agenda until perhaps you can read in the winds that the people, that great unwashed mass out there in the hinterland, yes those typical tax payers, gun lovers, bible toters, those people of all shapes, sizes and colors, those people are just not buying it. Ever one to be on the winning side those people of the press are perhaps realizing they had better throw us a crumb and appear to be real reporters without bias. Riiiight! I’m liking that ray of light whatever the reason it is being given the opportunity to shine.

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