Monday, February 03, 2014

Super Bowl Ponderings

So did you watch the Super Bowl? I wanted both teams to lose actually. Yes! I am a Patriots fan and a poor loser. I have to say though that my heart went out to Peyton Manning and it never does. Hands down Tom Brady is so much better than Peyton and yet the press treats Peyton like Obama. He can do no wrong. He is a super genius. He walks on water. Tom? a fluke and in the minds of the press they see him as they do Republicans. He is easy prey and nothing he does can be ok. How many SuperBowls has he won and yet? Manning is the QB for the ages. Oh Well.

I watched poor Peyton do nothing right yesterday and it gave me no joy. And by the by, Pete Carroll? Can't stand him. If the SeaHawks had won and he were not involved I would be ok with that.

And finally. What's up with Joe Namath? Age is a terrible thing to disregard. At some time in life you have to deal with it. Joe! Grow up!! But then again he has Peta all in a twist and that's worth something.

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Eileen said...

I watched and was cheering for the Seahawks for only one reason....Jon Ryan (punt kicker) is originally from my city in Canada. So I was happy.

You made me laugh with your comment about Joe Namath. Not sure if you've heard the story of the monkey in a fur coat, Google "Ikea Monkey" and tell me if you don't see a resemblance!