Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Waiting for Spring

Wow!  I have been gone a long time.  Here it is the end of February, and I say Thank God for that.  February has never been a favorite of mine for reasons I will share one day.  Where have I been and what has been happening?  Well, you may not as those questions but, no matter, I am answering.

December was a crazed blur as I'm sure yours was as well.  My niece and her husband and her parents bought a home together, in-law space and all, and they moved in and wanted to have Christmas there.  Prior to Christmas and after Thanksgiving we attended a baby shower for her in the new home.  That was lovely and busy to say the least.  Christmas was the usual but since no celebration was occurring here and we were having some rooms painted right after the holidays I was off the hook as far as decorating was concerned.  We did, however, have to take down pictures and pack up knick knacks and generally get ready for the painters.

The day before Christmas Eve my husband was stricken with whatever the virus of the day was.  He ran a high temperature and had a sore throat and chills and headache and whatever else could be part of the nastiness of the season.  He was to be the cook at our niece's but alas that was not to be.  I had to pack up the car and deliver the pariphernalia necessary for the event as well as the biggest standing prime rib known to man.  My poor brother in law was the designated chef.  On the morning of Christmas Eve I took the hubster to an urgent care clinic where they pronounced him ill indeed and sent him home with antibiotics.   At that point his malaise had evolved into bronchitis. 

My nephew was staying with us for the holidays and I had to leave my man alone so that I could take my nephew to the party house.  My husband took several dozen phone calls from his brother as the meal progressed.  The evening was a huge success and my nephew and I arrived home with what seemed like more food than we sat down to.  Poor hubby was without appetite and to this day is upset that he never got to taste the beef or any of the other goodies we brough home to him.

The illness stuck around through the New Year so we celebrated with hot tea and early to bed.  He really didn't feel much better until a full two weeks or more had passed.  Then we were hit with the painters and the recovery from that which we are still slowly going through.  We hate to hang pictures on such nice new pristine walls. 

We have also had snow and when the snow abates we have rain.  Sigh.  Here is my picnic table waiting for Spring. I am too.


Real Cesar said...

Real Cesar said...

Anonymous said...

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Joyful Days said...

I am also waiting for spring to spring, here. Those viruses have been extremely bad here particularly for one person in our home--and that is the person who usually doesn't have lingering illnesses.

Been thinking & keeping you in prayers often even though not in touch!!


LiVEwiRe said...

Just doing a drive-by, I suppose. Your picnic table made me smile and feel sad all at the same time. Enough with the snow. Right?