Monday, December 03, 2012

A Thanksgiving to be Grateful For

Oh Dear!  I didn't take pictures for the Thanksgiving festival.. our oven wouldn't start.  Eleven people coming, a 20 pound turkey, people bringing side dishes that need to cook in the oven.  Just OMG!!  Why on earth did I forget to take pictures????

Fortunately friends were dining away and had an empty kitchen we borrowed.  We should have borrowed the whole house but we only used the oven.  Unfortunately they live a 10 minute drive away so much back and forthing was done.  We also used the gas grill to cook some of the side dishes and believe you me much wine was poured. 

After all that, we sat down to eat on time for the first time in our lives.  How did that happen?  I guess it's because I didn't take pictures.  Who knew that delayed everything so?

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, not a Harvest Holiday or whatever damned pc term is used.  It's Thanksgiving folks!!! Indians and Pilgrims and all.  A time of thanking God, neighbors, family, friends and total strangers for the good things we have, the good health we enjoy and the wonderful country we live in.  I'll be back for the Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday Jesus post.  Bless you all.

From last year  -- couldn't find these little guys this year.  Probably another reason dinner was delayed in years past, took too much time to put the goodies on the plates.



Eileen said...

Oh my goodness, I would have panicked had that happened to me. Of course, I rarely cook for more than a half dozen at a time so you're doubly impressive!

Hopefully the oven is fixed in time for Christmas, lol!

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