Tuesday, August 07, 2012

A Buuump on the Head

Well, about one hour after that last post the hubby and I were walking our girl.  She's such a good one that when she was attacked by a mid-sized pooch she never went into kill mode but moved to evade.  My husband tried to intervene and tangled himself in leashes and went over backward hitting his head on the pavement.  Horrible.

He refused to be transported in an ambulance and so I drove him.  We spent endless hours in the emergency room but they gave him a CT scan which showed a concussion and sent him home with the usual instructions which are next to useless.  Headaches and neck ache persisted, another CT scan days later and a referral to a neurologist which won't happen til the end of the month.  Can't wait for ObamaCare to really kick in so we can wait 6 months and that's if we're qualified to be seen.  By that I mean we never donated to any Republican politician and we're not too old.  In either of those two cases kiss it good by.

Finally he was referred for an MRI and the results are in.  He has a herniated cervical disk and now who knows what.  We're waiting to hear from the ENT fellow who referred him for the MRI.  He is having a neuro in his area review the report and will call if he feels we have to go off Cape for a quicker appointment.

Later gaters.

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