Thursday, May 10, 2012

Rainy Days

I know we need this rain but, mercy, it's not just rain, it's a downpour and I wonder how long it can do this.  It has been raining for days.  Perhaps I exaggerate a tad but only a tad.  The puddle on our street which is usually quite large is bigger than I've ever seen it.  We have waterfront property.  The plants are certainly happy but how long will it be before even they become alarmed and need to dry their feet off? 

The biggest problem I have with this weather is that I roam the house and stop at the refrigerator with each pass through.  I am not hungry.  I am restless and looking and needing to chew.  "Why not gum?",  you may ask.  "It's not in the fridge.", I answer.  Much more of this and I will need to go shopping for larger and looser clothing.

 One other problem while I'm at it.  This weather gives me too much time to think.  I know.  It should give me time to do those exercises I keep threatening to begin.  It should.  It doesn't.  I think about it but I start a train of thought that moves me along to junior high when I would get out of school, head home for American Bandstand and a box of chips.  You heard that right.  There were potato chips in a box and I loved them.  I can't remember the brand name but they tasted kind of like potato sticks if you remember those.  I would grab the box, park in front of the tv and consume every one.  Then I would wonder why I was such a chubby, no, fat teen.  Why?  Why?  Well here I am again.  Different food groups same question.  Why?

I think that I have to go back in time, recreate the situation and find a new way through the problem. That means I will be fat and fourteen and home alone watching tv and eating chips while being miserable and pretending that I am Arlene dancing with Kenny on Bandstand or Spin really really likes me.  Sigh.  How to correct that one wonders. 

Thankfully the sun is now out and I have to go to the dump.  Whew.  Just when I thought I might have to be working through that adolescent angst which haunts me.  Oh well...there will be time later. 

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