Saturday, May 12, 2012

Another Mothers' Day

This has been a stretch of days with nothing to do but think.  April 29th would have been my mothers 100th birthday.  Happy Birthday Mom.  May 9th marks the 12th year of her passing.  May 10th would have been my brother's 72nd birthday.  Happy Birthday Sandy.  May 13th will be the 12th year I celebrate Mother's Day without a mother.  Ma (I always called her Ma and she probably would have preferred Mother) always told the story of the children in church on mothers' day.  Some had pink carnations and some had white.  The white carnations meant their mother was deceased and the pink meant she was alive.  My mother always said she felt so bad for the kids with the white carnations and now, I'm that kid.  Happy Mothers' Day you a lot and miss you.  Say hi to everyone up there for me ... hope you are having a great time with all of them.


Eileen said...

Mother's Day has a way of making me think too. This year will be the 9th without my mom.

What really struck as I read your post was the story of the carnations. My mom hated roses, but loved carnations. Her favorite was a red carnation so those were the flowers we chose for her funeral.

Thank you for reminding me!

lin741852 said...
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