Sunday, December 18, 2011

Update and Hello Winter

Well, the tree is done and candles are in the windows (most of them), a wreath is on the door.  Here's the final version of the tree.  I put it on facebook and got a lot of comments...not all nice.  Those people will get coal in their stockings and I hope they're wearing them when it happens.  Well, not really.  Here it is - TADA the tree
Not too much different than the last version but -- the gold bead garland and the ribbons have been added.  Now if only the presents were under there we'd be cookin'.

Here's our view this morning. 

Winter has finally said hello.  Not a screaming hello thank goodness, just a little wave of "Hi, I'm here and maybe will stop back later with more of these flake things."  Hope he forgets about that and just tosses those flake things around in ski country where they belong.  Well, once I scrape off the windshield, I'll be off and running to finish the presents for the out of state crowd so they can be shipped out tomorrow.  Wish me luck.

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