Thursday, December 08, 2011

Out with the Turkey - In with the Tree

Thanksgiving is a thing of the past.  Load up the turkey things, the pilgrim things, the orange and yellow leaves and the harvest cornucopia and put them away.  Re-load the holly things and the wreath things and the red candles and the pointsettias and the Santa things.  Tis the season after all.  Asked the husband where the best spot for the tree would be and his response?  "In the garage", he replied grinchily.

No - not the garage.  The past several years there has been no room around here for a tree.  The house is teensy and the nieces, nephews and offspring of same keep getting bigger and bigger.  Now we all know that means more food but it also means more elbow room at the table and finally I had to move the table from it's normal spot to the living room and added a card table to it so that 16 could be seated.  All that to say, no room for a tree too.

This year we are finished with renovations, we have a bigger area for table and expansions and the living room is free for, well, living and that includes room for a tree.  While we had no tree I placed a large red bow on a floor lamp and put the presents under it.  I christened it the Christmas Lamp.  One of my nieces, the sister of Elf, has stomped her princess foot and declared, "No more Christmas Lamp, this year we want a tree."  So - banished to the garage for all those years, the Tree has it is halfway done

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gemma said...

Gemma - I love your almost decorated tree.

Why thank you for noticing Gemma. Come back later for a totally decorated tree and maybe the mantel too.