Monday, May 09, 2011

Link to a Laugh

Hope everyone had a joyous Mothers Day.  We went out with a couple as we do every Mothers Day for a while now.  None of us have mothers nor are we mothers so we gather to honor our mothers and mothers everywhere.  We call our outing, now don't take offense or be horror struck, the Dead Mothers Day Brunch.  Every year since the last of our mothers passed away we have gathered.  We toast each of our moms and have a fabulous meal, usually at a new place each year.  We alternate the power to choose.  Last year it was our turn and this year the other couple's. 

Following the meal we depart for our respective abodes and fall on our respective couches and call it a day.  This year I ventured onto the computer before my full bellied exhaustion struck and found this.  Funniest ever and have to share.  Hope you had a good day yesterday and hope you get a good laugh from this...later.


gusDon said...

It was in this world, not as beautiful as the hand of my mother's hand. Because of love through beautiful hand, I could be like this ...

Thank you Mom, I love and care about you ... (Mom, I love you so much ...)

Anonymous said...


maybe it will interest you: