Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Chuckle a Day

A quick update on the  chaos construction going on here.  The sinks and countertops are in the kitchen and faucets as well.  Yes, Houston, we have water.  The refrigerator has left the living room and is now in the kitchen, of all places.  The stove?  She is in place and fitted with gas.  The top burners are ablaze.  The oven has to be "cured", didn't know it was unwell, and the hood has to be working before that can happen.  Don't know when the hood will be working.  We're making progress folks.

And now for some Canadian billboards sent to me via email.  Do you think these are real?  Really?

I'm not sure but they are a hoot aren't they?  Well, they make me chuckle.  Hope you have a good one, chuckle, day whatever.


Chiulica said...

This is sooo good!! I can't stop laughing!! :))

Lesley1000 said...

I think some of them should be real as theyre better than real adverts!