Friday, March 04, 2011

Coffee Anyone?

My day starts in much the same way, every day.  I guess I am a creature of habit and if so, most of them aren't that good and I am not alone in the world since most humans are creatures of habits as well and most of those habits are not in the healthy for me column.  Back to my day.  I start by making coffee.  We bought a Keurig coffee maker a while ago and LOVE it.  Remember, I have no kitchen.  Remember the big sink is gone.  The old coffee maker required a clean pot and basket before making the coffee.  I grind my beans so you have that.  It went on and on and all of this happening in a bathroom sink?  I can only say, unpleasant.  Enter the Keurig.  We knew it was out there.  We used one at a coffee following a funeral service.  It took care of bunches of us and each cup could be different and each were fresh, fresh, fresh!  (Keurig.  Will you pay me now?  Just kidding.  They don't know I exist.)

Now you would think that coffee experience would be enough to convince us.  Not true.  We started our usual dance of interest, if the store we happened to be in had a home goods section, stroll through and find the coffee makers.  If Keurigs were there check the price, check the features check and check and check.  We compared and contrasted many, trust me.  The trigger was pulled following a party at a friend's house.  There on the counter stood the Keurig of my husband's dreams.  At most parties he will consume only wine.  That evening he had cup after cup of coffee as well.  He made coffee for whoever wanted it.  He made coffee for those who really didn't want it.  It was the only time ever that he stayed awake for the whole drive home.  Yes, he had the wine too so I was driving as always but he never nodded off.

The coffee maker was in his cross hairs and that week we had one.  Of course it was a step up from the model he used at our friend's house.  Of course.  What good would it be if it weren't better?  Men are really competitive aren't they?  His friend is doing the tile work for our renovation efforts.  He's drinking a lot of coffee here I notice.  As he walks away from the coffee maker he will comment, "Your version doesn't have ..." or "Mine does ....."  I think his daughter will have a coffee maker in her future and he will be stepping up to the latest version.  I hope it doesn't have more features than ours.  We have no one to give this one to and two of these babies are way too many. 

Hope you have a nice day with sunshine and birds singing.
Just thought that was kinda funny.


Chiulica said...

It was funny!! :))

Joyful Days said...

At my dad' you knew. And, oh the joy, he has a Keurig. Laaaa-lllaa-loooove it!!! I am coveting.

The cartoon...sending it to my husband. A good marriage is made of things like that!

Chiulica said...


How's the coffe maker?