Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Getting ready for the big day.  Yes!  Valentine's Day!  I remember as a kid loving this day.  We had a decorated box in the classroom and for days valentine's would be dropped in that box.  At home we would have the make your own valentine book purchased at the magazine place.  You would punch out the valentine's from the many pages and cut out the envelopes from the back white pages then fold them and glue them together.  Many hours were spent pushing through the perforations very carefully to be sure the cards were altogether perfect.  That cutting and folding and glueing of the envelopes was a real chore.  But then!  the moment you waited for!  Picking the right card for the right person!

This one could not be given to a boy for example.  You had to select the girl in class who wore hats, obviously.  If none could be found then don't sign your name and the girl who got this card would always wonder what hat she wore that drove someone bats.

This one could be given to anyone in class;

And this one I saved for all of you.  Have a Happy Valentine's Day and I hope someone out there will make sugar cookies for all of us.  Someone's mother always did that way back then.  The afternoon of Valentine's Day in elementary school, the Valentine's Box would be opened and the cards would all be delivered.  I don't remember anyone left out.  We brought in goodies for the party and would eat at our desks while opening cards.  It was a swell day.  Hope you have one.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

A very sweet post about a very sweet day. I always have loved Valentines Day---So did my dear friend Betty.
Thanks s o much for your very kind and caring wirds, my dear.

Ima Star2 said...

How do you get followers i have 0 none cries :-((((((((((((((((((((

joe said...

I just read your blog and love it. I to have recently started a blog. I would like to post yours as a blog I read on mine. How can I get your URL?
Also, if you would please list my URL on yours.
Thanks, joe.