Friday, October 01, 2010

Hurricane Horror

We are waiting today for torrential downpours and high winds.  It should have hit sometime yesterday and didn't.  This morning we were told that today would be cloudy and high winds would start (by now) and the heavy rain would bring up to 3 inches by the end of the day.  Right now it is in the 70's and brilliantly sunny.  There is a gentle breeze wafting in the windows to take the humid edge off the air.  What is with the news people and their hyper ventilation?  Not too long ago we were inundated with warnings and watches and omg Help me Hannah about Hurricane Earl.  That went on for days.  Neighbors boarded up windows and cleared the supermarket shelves of candles and bottled water.  People planning on staying for the week closed up and went home early.  A friend sent me an e-mail showing the terrible devastation of Hurricane Earl....let me share it with you

I surely hope the weather men are as accurate this time as they were before.

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