Friday, October 08, 2010

Getting ready

Well, as usual, if it isn't one thing it's another.  We are in a perfect storm of things we have to do.  Our used to be primary residence is finally on the market and that is never a  peaceful thing.  Our agent is good (we think, and hope) but there are still things that pry their way into your serene and blissful life.

While that is happening, we are getting ready to do work on what used to be our weekend/summer/maybe all year round house so that we can live in it all year round.  It needs things like closets, storage, a room large enough for more than 4 people and a bedroom where you can actually have a dresser as well as a bed in the same place.   We are stretching the budget here because, until the other house sells, we will be living on fumes.  It will be done and we will do it.  My husband works from home and his office is here in the house being renovated.  We have to live here while the destruction/construction is ongoing.  We will have the use of  the living room, downstairs bath, our current bedroom and the spare room which will hold all of the everything from the upstairs bath, hall storage closet and used to be guest room.  Our kitchen is being enlarged (praise God) and will be out of commission.  All cabinets are currently being emptied by yours truly and stored in the garage.

Hopefully the work will begin the week of the 18th when we have out of state company arriving.  They will be at a motel but we will be entertaining them by touring and out to dinner and so forth.  We leave for Mississippi  on the 21st and will be gone until the 1st or 2nd and so have to be packed and ready for that.  I am lucky I know where my toothbrush is. 

The house for sale has a couple of very interested people looking and looking again.  Watch.  The house will sell and we will have to empty it out by the 1st.  Oh man.  That would be good news and bad news for sure.

Meanwhile I sit here writing and searching the net for stress relief and here is some.  Ready for Halloween.

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Sara said...

You can see how far behind on blogs I am - so - you are going though all this too!

How nice that you had a second home that you could re-do into your primary residence...