Monday, April 06, 2009

Put in My Place

In my daily rounds I visited a woman whose political views are totally not like my own. I don't go there for the politics but because the pictures are pretty. No, seriously, I like the pictures. If I haven't been there for a while I scroll down and check out the days I have missed and today. . . there was a political entry about that demon woman, the witch of the world, the "gasp" almost a heartbeat from the Presidency, the lovely Sarah. It was a snarky bit about her sister-in-law being arrested for something and my, how fortunate we are that we were spared and she did not attain the heights of VP. The comments were silly and I was forced....forced I tell you to respond by stating that Sarah's in-laws have as little to do with her character as Obama's do his and my, aren't we shallow and snarky.

I was beaten back with, if you don't like what I say, don't read it. Wow. I guess that I won't. Thanks. I have been put right in my place. I think though, she meant to say, if I don't like what she writes and I don't like the comments made then I should read it and shut up. Guess what political party espouses that behavior.

Actually I am disappointed in the attitude taken by that lady since she, in a lot of ways appears to be very lovely. I guess I won't be looking at those pictures again. sigh!

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