Friday, April 10, 2009

Holiday Table

Oh, the week ends. We are having company...well, family isn't really company but on Easter Sunday we treat everyone as company. There will be nine of us at the table and my husband, bless him, is the chef of the day. He will be roasting a giant leg of lamb and putting all the finishing touches on it. My brother in law will peel every potato ever grown in the Northeast and mashing them till they scream. One year he stopped peeling before the bag was empty thinking that surely ten pounds is overkill, that was the year the family calls the mashed potato famine since we ran out of them.'s a before picture of the table....would have taken an after but couldn't find the camera....I think someone ate it.

Don't you love the color scheme? And that table cloth? $2.99 at the Christmas Tree shop and this marks the first ever time that nobody spilled a thing...not a thing. My linen and crocheted heirloom thing? Every year -- red wine, gravy and wax from the candles. This year? Nothing.....I can use that $2.99 baby again. How does this happen?


Nikki-ann said...

Great table setting :)

I hope you had a great Easter weekend and are having a good weekend now too :D

Take care and thanks for dropping by.

Bob-kat said...

Glad to hear that you had a wonderful family dinner with no spills!

Netchick sent me over to say hi :)

Sara said...

Very pretty table setting! Murphy's Law - the more expensive the table cloth - the more spills!

That's the way it is!

Joyful Days said...

Great table. I know what you mean about spills--never on something easily cleaned.

I need to quit my holiday binging.