Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Think Before Voting

Well, this is it. This is the big one Elizabeth. The husband and I are driving for miles to check in and vote. We are only two but we are hoping that there are two more and two more and two more out there. We are voting for McCain and we really wonder why there are apparently intelligent and normal seeming people who are casting their ballot for the O. The Big O, and I don't mean that in a disparaging way, it is just a fact. The man is like a Ninja. What is he about and why do you think the little that has escaped his cone of silence is something you want to impose on us? We do know that he will raise taxes as he has told us so. We do know that he wishes to impose the universal health care upon us that has failed or is failing in Canada and the countries of Europe. We in Massachusetts are suffering with the imposed mandate to be insured or the state will pay for you. The bill gets larger every second. The Big Dig boondoggle looks well done actually. We do know now that he is cavalier about bankrupting the coal industry, he is against drilling and nuclear energy. Wonder how he feels about candles and burning wood to keep warm? I think we will soon find out. We know he wants to disarm us and reduce spending on the military so that he can arm a civilian task team to keep order. He told us that.

If the normals who vote for him think he's only flapping his gums, they are so wrong. O's circle of friends, neighbors and advisors are very hard core overturners of our and your way of life. Once the single party rule is entrenched, the rest of the country will be run like Massachusetts. Corruption and unleashed power is ugly. The voters exercise their power at the ballot box and the legislature disregards their vote....think roll back the tax increase in Massachusetts, think referendum for single sex marriage to be voted on...disregarded -not once but twice. The process is followed the efforts are herculean, the signatures obtained the vote is taken, the people speak and the legislature turns a deaf ear.....it works here folks. No reason it won't work on a bigger scale.

Think about what you are voting for - not who. Thank you

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