Friday, November 28, 2008

The Joy of the Seasonings

The joys of the seasonings are moving away today. My refrigerator is groaning under the weight of the leftovers and the interior is awash with Tupperware containers which all look alike. Can't tell the stuffing from the Brussels sprouts. The sandwich making time is increased tenfold due to the constant opening and closing of the containers and shuffling them around and before closing the door to the fridge, making sure that all is in balance so that when the door is next open everything remains where is is rather than bouncing off your foot and onto the floor. The bounce off the foot thing has been perfected here since if anything goes straight to the floor it usually breaks open and spreads out. The foot first drop seems to soften the blow and, while not always 100% successful, it often prevents the crash and muck thing.

We had more turkey than usual since we celebrated the family day on Sunday last. Most of the young folk are either nurses or work in retail and on the actual Thursday were working or had worked very late Wednesday and were scheduled for work early on Friday. So the turkey and all the rest were here on Sunday...I picked my nephew up on Wednesday and he will stay with us through the weekend. We were invited to a friend's for the day Thanksgiving and again there was more food than brains at that place. If we had bigger brains they would have said, "Whoa!! Stop with the food already. You are FULL! I mean it Stop now or else." and so forth...none of that was said and we rolled our way home where my nephew said as we walked in the door, "Auntie, do we have any pie?"

Groan...Hope your holiday was as lovely. Good Food. Good Friends. Lovely Family. All together at one time or another. God is good and has blessed us enormously.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Thanks for your visit and your comment. It sounds like your Thanksgivings were ABUNDANT! Much leftovers and such. ENJOY the aftermath!

Joyful Days said...

Actually this year there were minimal leftovers. Hubby was home holding down the job and the fort. I went to see my dad--he's being very good about not letting things "grow" in his fridge so we cooked enough for two days and Voila!! no groaning fridge & I didn't have to transport turkey.