Monday, June 08, 2015

Playing Catch up

Wow, such a long time away.  How to begin to catch up?  Have to start with Easter I guess.  It was so different this year, cold and quiet.  Everyone was either working or sick and so it was just the three of us, me, the hubby and our nephew.  Oddly enough Elf was on, over and over and the nephew and I love it so that kept us quiet.  The hubby loves to cook and although there were only the three of us he had prepared for at least 10 and so the food?  it was plentiful and delicious.

After that we ran into Mother's Day when we and another couple celebrate our Dead Mothers' Day Brunch.  None of us have our mothers and neither of us are mothers so we didn't want to be left out and started the bunch for brunch.  Every other year we pick the place to go and vice versa they.  This year we went to their new home for a sleepover and all went well.  We toasted the Moms and ate like kings and queens and laughed and laughed and it was good.

Memorial Day, how to put this into words.  We work with a group to honor the veterans and it's an amazingly impressive 24 hours.  Donations of goods and/or money are collected to ship care packages for those still in harms way and believe me there are plenty.  Food is donated to be served throughout the day and that's what the hubby and I do.  Slap the burgers in the buns with or without cheese, put the hot dogs in the buns and we do that over and over and trust me when I say this, "I'm done with burgers"  when it's over.  It went well and during the day special honor is paid to veterans who served in each war, police action, whatever you call it now.  The last is reserved for those VietNam Vets who were treated so badly.  Each is called to the podium and they announce their name and where they served and their rank and branch of the service.  As they leave the stage there is a long line of people to shake their hands and thank them for their service.  Most are in tears by the end of that one let me tell you.

The following weekend we had company.  My college roommate arrived so that we could go together to our 50th reunion.  Gasp!  We stayed in a dorm and just had such a good time.  I'll show some pictures of all of this but for now let me leave you with a tribute to the troops.  That's my hubby in the red shirt on stage.  Couldn't be prouder of him.


Eileen said...

What a wonderful way to spend Memorial Day, recognizing those who served and serving them in return. Thank you to your husband for his service.

Our Remembrance Day in Canada is held in November, so it's too cold to spend much time outdoors most years. I tend to watch the ceremonies held on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on television, though a few years ago I actually went there to see it for myself.

Have a great weekend!

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Thanks for your very sweet comment.....I feel lucky that there are still a few people left from the early days......
What a WONDERFUL and meaningful way to spend Memorial Day. It must mean so much to everyone, but especially the VietNam Vets.....As you said----they were treated so very badly. Brava to you and your dear husband for giving from your Hearts on this important day!