Saturday, May 24, 2014

Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend.  This is so confusing since it's earlier than Memorial the actual Day.  Oh well.  It's a long weekend and our summer area is coming alive with the sounds of people.  My walk to the beach is no longer lonely and calm.  There are cars in abundance in driveways and yards and on the street.  Lots of clean up after winter activities are going on as I walk.  My dog is thrilled to have people she can wag at and attempt to sit with for hugs and pats.  I like it but I don't.

Traffic is heavy and I have to wait and wait and wait to cross the street.  Forget the supermarket especially the deli section since the lines are endless.  The smell of grilled food is everywhere and the square is alive with strollers and window shoppers and the shops are actually open.  Until the 1st of July the weekends will be like this and then?  Stand Back!  It's like this all week long.  I love it for the town since this is when the money can be made.  I love the action - sort of.  Check back here in September and see if I'm still feeling the love.

Happy Memorial Day - we know it's not happy but a time to remember.  Thank you to all of those who served so that we can smell the grills and hear the laughter ringing in the summer season.

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