Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Spring is making a stuttering entrance in these parts. One day of sun and then some flurries, 50 degree day followed by 10 degree nights. It's going to get here sooner or later but what a roller coaster we're riding in the meanwhile. My crocus made an appearance the day before a snow storm. They're hardy little creatures however, like pansies, they just keep pushing through.

My husband has suffered a minor (we hope) setback in the surgery recovery issue. He thinks he slipped in the bathroom. No fall occurred but a slip and that was enough to cause severe pain and the mobility he was gaining in the turning of his head has been wiped away. X-rays have been taken and now we wait. Hopefully it's just a minor speed bump. I'm the driver again and we both hate that!

Since I can't go too far with him on heavy duty muscle relaxers and all I am back to Dr Phil and the girls buying wedding gowns. Those muscle relaxers cause serious brain fog I think. He gets the dog's dinner ready and leaves it on the counter. Clothes go in the dryer but it never gets turned on. Thus the reason I am sticking close to home.

Here are my crocus - pushing on and teaching me a lesson in perseverence.

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Joyful Days said...

Praying your hubby is recovering!! That is so hard.

Hopefully you've had more warm weather than cold. We've had the roller-coaster weather, too.

We have some Muscari peeking out. I'm thankful to whoever planted them.