Tuesday, August 13, 2013

More Golf

Golf was great!  No.  Not the way I played, just the experience.  I love, love, love that game.  Can't wait to play again and so naturally it's rainy sort of and busy for sure.  Maybe on Friday.  We have company coming.  Hmmm. Company?  Cape Cod?  Summer?  Go figure.  Anyhoo.  Our company is always welcome and fun.  We are going to a show on Thursday evening leaving two large dogs here in the abode.  Hope we have furniture when we return.  The guests are bringing their golf clubs so hopefully Friday will be pleasant and we can get out there again.  We're hitting them all over the place but we hit them (mostly).

Now I must change sheets and get the towels washed and dried from our last company so the new group can sleep and wash.



Anonymous said...

Good Mexican food is good! :)

Brobuscus Smosh said...

(Insert sassy comeback here)