Saturday, April 21, 2012

RIP Chuck Colson

RIP Chuck Colson.  The lesson Chuck learned from Watergate was that God is able to redeem any sinner.  He claimed Jesus as his saviour and never looked back.  He served his time and served it well.  He left prison much like Joseph and led many to the Lord.  He was humbled and broken and put back together by God.  He served God and, in my opinion, served him well.  I will miss him.

The lesson the press learned from Watergate was that they could take down a Republican if they leaned heavily and ruthlessly and persistently enough and they have been trying to do it again ever since.  They could never (and would never) take down a Democrat since the Democrat would rather tear the country apart than resign.

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Marjie said...

Truth about the Democrats! I'm infuriated that there were 5 Republicans running in the primary for our Senate seat (not state Senate, US Senate), and our paper never ran one lousy article comparing them. A couple of times they have mentioned all of their names. And, of course, they never made a peep about the fact that Bob Casey had a primary challenger. (Insert HBO words here, I'm sure you can imagine). And they call the media fair? Phooey.

We've looked into getting a new puppy, but the breeders in our area don't have any litters now, and are merely hopeful that they'll have pups in August. I would enjoy hearing the pitter patter of giant puppy feet!