Friday, December 10, 2010

Stress and Panic

Although we are far from this scene so far, I fear it is in the offing.  It's only 15 degrees this morning and breezy.  The air is dry and the sun is blazing but as my mother used to say, "There's no heat in that sun."
I am delaying walking the dog hoping against hope that the temperature creeps up a tad.  As you dog folks know, I can only push that delay thing so far and then?  she breaks into a dance and whine festival.  I am about ten minutes from the dance and dreading it.

I am going through a shedding period.  Every now and then my hair thins.  I lose tons each morning as I wash and dry it.  It drifts through the air and drops to the bathroom floor, fills the bottom of the basin, scares the bejeepers out of me because I can see my scalp.  This has happened at least twice in the past ten years and though I have always feared total baldness, it has not happened.  I can't remember how long it takes to grow back in and I am hoping, hoping, hoping that it is the same as it was whenever it was.  Of course, now it's growing back in white so it's hard to tell if it's growing in or not.  Panic Panic Panic.  And that of course makes the stress level higher and it might be the stress level causing the hair loss and  - - - I could go on and on and - oh well.  God is in charge and I trust in Him so all will be well no matter how much hair I have.

I must now walk the girl and I have to put a hat on and that makes me crazy since when I take it off the static hits and the scalp shows and I ---never mind.  Have a good one and pray for hair growth.

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