Thursday, September 09, 2010

Good Day

This whole "Burn a Koran" thing has evidently fizzled out.  The pastor who was going to burn that book said that God told him the mosque will be moved.  OK!  Somehow, the conclusion of this mess is as nutty as the beginning and the middle.  No way does it prove that we are caving in to the nonsense of the muslim world.  Note that I did not Capitalize muslim.  I won't give that belief that kind of respect.  The only thing that this incident has done is to prove to the viewing and listening world that this belief system is one with no respect for human life, no civilized behaviors and no redeeming qualities at all.  Now, I guess, I await my beheading or flogging or stoning since that is what these people, yes, I said these people, think is the right way to deal with dissent.

I am so done with this TOLERANCE issue.

I say good day.

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Sara said...

The entire thing would have totally blown over - had there been NO publicity given to the preaher - or the other side...

I may not agree with the muslim belief - but, I also do not think that God wants us to burn any religions book of guidence.