Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mothers' Day

Eleven years ago today my mother passed away.  My neice always remembers Nana's birthday and anniversary date of her passing and when she calls me she will always say, "and Nana said we wouldn't remember her when she was gone."  My mother did say that.  I almost believe that she willed herself to pass on Mother's Day so that we wouldn't forget, ever. 

One of her favorite stories was "The Little Match Girl".  She loved the drama and tragic ending and the tears.  Just a small glimpse into her Cinderella fantasy world.  She would tell us that when she was a girl they would wear carnations to church on Mothers' Day.  A pink carnation meant that your mother was alive and a white carnation meant that your mother was dead.  She told us that she always felt sorry for those in church wearing white carnations.  Well we would naturally say that we were so glad our carnations would be pink and then she would be pleased.

Here are my flowers today Mom and I wish they could be pink.  I'll bet that Mom is pleased.  Love you Mother.

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