Thursday, April 01, 2010

Easter Round Up

Sorting through the Easter activities and things have really turned around.  We are having a new septic system put in and right now the house is almost inaccessible.  The size of this thing is unreal.  We have a teeny tiny house and the system we have to install takes up more land than the house does.  There is a moat that runs along the house on two sides.  I say we could flush a bazillion more times than we ever have in all the years of the house's existence and it will still never be full.  Oh well.  For that reason we have changed plans to have the whole fam here as we usually do.  There is no parking available and with the rain, the mud and muck is everywhere.  Easier to go out and go out we shall.  Meanwhile I still have to clean and such since my nephew will be with us for the weekend.

Oh and yes, at the moment we only have one car since on the way back home on Tuesday my husband went through what he thought was a puddle and instead it was a lake.  The car ran for a while after that but then stopped.  Fortunately he was able to coast into a rest area and call AAA.  Naturally parts have to be ordered and blah blah blah, might take until Monday to be back with us.  So, as you see, business as usual here.

I will probably be back before Easter but just in case I don't have a thought to share, let me share this one.

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Sara said...

When we built our house in Tennessee - we lived in the country and had to have a septic tank dug...The thing was huge! I was so amazed!!!

Sorry to hear about the car!

Happy Easter...