Monday, August 17, 2009

Thank You God

Well, we have recovered from the colonoscopy and the news that a polyp could not be removed and had to be BIOPSIED! Man oh man, start the music. We went through two days of yikes to - thank You Lord - good news. Nothing but a polyp too large to remain so surgery will be scheduled. We are in a heap of relief and gratitude. God is good as we knew He would be no matter the news. He would bring us through but I am so relieved and grateful beyond words that He decided we would take this road instead of that one. And now we are just moving slow through the hazy hot and humid August days we are experiencing.

We appreciate this weather because we remember this

and so we thank God for summer while it's here.


Michelle M. said...

Good news; although, I am sure surgery isn't going to be fun, but at least there are no serious concerns about the polyp. Please let us know when it is scheduled so that we can be in prayer.

Joyful Days said...

I am so very, very glad, gemma. This is indeed wonderful news. Continuing prayer.

Enjoy these August days--I am so not ready for the cold.