Friday, July 17, 2009

A bit of info

Look at how the time has flown. Where have I been for all these days? Here and there and nowhere. This weekend is a mad whirl. I am off to stay with my cousin and have a girls' night which means she will drink wine and I will drive and we will get a pizza. I would drink wine too but I am driving. We will come back to her house where we will eat the pizza and more wine will be poured but truly, after I eat I am done with wine. We will then blah blah blah until my eyes are screaming at me to close. A good time will be had by both.

The next day I will be off to my neice's where I will tell you later what's going on. Sunday will be safe to say just in case she finds me here on the net. I have to not blab things for that reason.

The husband is so excited because he can stay home, have a couple of guys over and they can belch and burp and scratch their privates, spit too if they choose. Heaven, huh? They think so. NO GIRLS ALLOWED. Until Sunday.

My dear friend Julie has tagged me...I am working on it Julie.....honest.
And that's the point of the tag...honesty. I will deal with this after I duck and bob on what's up at the neice's.


Sara said...

The guys will love you for leaving them alone until Sunday...just think all the ball games they can watch...

Hope you have a nice time!

Joyful Days said...

Love ya!! Wish I could join you & your cousin for some pizza. Guys night is Saturday at my house this week!