Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Times they are A-Changing

I have a head full of things I would like to spew forth. Right now it's all whirling around like a Dairy Queen Blizzard....yum on that by the way. The weather has been very chilly and damp..what's new? Thank heavens for Global Warming or we'd be shoveling I'm sure. I said that to a friend and her reply made me realize how much pounding people are taking to be politically correct. She didn't want to jump on my wagon and ride to the "Al Gore is an IDIOT" tune but she is my friend so she said, in her most constricted voice....the one you use when your mother is pinching the under part of your arm, "Well there is a climate change occurring and it is cyclical." Huh? That's how free we seem to be to voice any opinion other than the accepted one. No one was there but the two of us and, as we talked later, because of the subject matter she felt she had to tread very carefully. I don't care if she agrees with me or not. She used to know that. I told her she was watching too much Main Stream News. I was right, she never watches Fox or uses the net. She feels that this subject is like politics and religion...we don't go there. Scary!

I guess all those years of organized everything for the kids is paying off. In addition to training kids to never have a rogue opinion, I heard this morning that businesses have to train new employees to make decisions. So it seems the system has trained the younger generation so well in this team effort that they have trouble with risk taking and independence. Yow....ya think???? I was always one who kind of hung back to see what the trends were before I either bucked them or went with them so I never thought I was very courageous. I made decisions only after tons of fact finding. In a business meeting I cringed when a co-worker leaped into the fray before we had the whole picture. Now....I feel like Captain Courageous and yet, my style hasn't changed at all. I guess it's true. Just wait a while -- don't change -- the world will.

Gotta Love It!!!!

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